When you have a pool to relax in the summer, what whould the first problem you have to think? That acctually is the first problem you have to think about is the pool water. A thousand of issues about pool water such as: how to cleaning the pool, pool pump, and pool filter. Althoght hundred machines can help you with those works, you also have to worry about which machines will work the best.

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If you search best robotic pool cleaner for in ground pool  2017 in google, you will have about 4,580,000 results in 0.81 seconds. You can see there are a lot of reviews for you to know more about which machine to clean your pool. Hundred people used and were able to tell you how each of machine could do. But in this topic I won’t talk about each machine can do, I will tell you the criteria for choosing good products.

First thing first, of course you will think about the brand name, right? The brand name like Dolphin, Polaris, and Aquabot can make you feel assured of quality because of hundred good reviews, right? But it still has some bad reviews. Why that? For my opinion, althought that is a very good production from the most famous brand in the world maybe, they still can response everything you need for your pool. Someone hardly like all the detail of the cleaners. That why not brand name can make you satisfied. For all of that, what is the first criteria? That is super easy is finding all the machine that will have the most suitable utilities for your pool.

Have you had the list the most appropriate cleaners yet? Yes, right. Next criteria will be the reviews. You should wander learn on websites and friends who have had a pool and a robotic cleaner. And if you don’t have someone like that, going to the stores and asking for advice is a good ideal. Althought the store owner always want you buy the most expensive one, you should have your own opinion. You can have a lot of differend ideal but you should just read reviews about the machine in your list only. For that you won’t be confuse because of too much choices. That will help you reduce your list.

The other thing is that your best automatic pool cleaner for inground pools should suit for your pool pump. Why that? If you choose a cleaner but when you set it in the pool, it can’t work with your pump, what will you do in that time? Not only that if you have a pool care system, it will be better when all machines work smoothly. For VARIABLE SPEED POOL PUMP REVIEWS from the web they can give you all informations about evrything about variable speed pool like it is the newest with the lastest technology. They divide to some kinds of pump that suit with each pool. Variable Speed Pumps Suitable For Large Pools, Variable Speed Pumps For Mid-Sized Pools,… are some kinds of pump that suit for each size of the pool. That the example for one kind of pump but other can make a lot of differences so that when we choose a cleaner wirely.

Finally thing you should consider is your budget. You should neither make a great pool then buy some cheap productions to take care of your pool nor think that you can clean your pool by your self. That won’t be happened. Still might have someone can clean the pool by theirselves, but it wasn’t you. The reason is the person can take the time to clean the pool once or tiwce a week will not be a person want to have a pool to relax after working. Another thing, cheap machine can work for short time and then you have to change it again and again if you still use the cheap and low-quality machine.

This is my research about the robotic pool cleaner. Hope it useful for you.


Nowadays, electric baby swing is listed in the top convenient automatic equipment by dint of its more flexibility than other types. In spite of the fact that electric swings are widely used, many people have difficulties in keeping safety. As it is a kind of machine related to electric plugging, it leads to a lot of confusion for consumers. Of course, there are available best baby swing reviews in terms of using and preventing accidents but for users who have insufficient knowledge, they are still bewildered. There are several simple instructions for you to guarantee using safety that I am about to mention in this article.

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1. Understand an electric swing

First and foremost, you ought to have a detailed comprehension about a baby swing using electric power. In fact, almost all swings are designed similarly (similar structure and material). However, an electric swing has a motor with rotating details to control the swinging mode. There is no need for us to swing with our hands on the grounds that as soon as the motor is operated, babies are swung automatically right away.

One more important thing you have to keep in mind is that we need to use electric power with suitable source. Something dangerous may occur so it is necessary to regard using this swing as the first safe step.

2. Guide to use electric swings

Electric swing instructions are presented as bellows.

  • Adaptor using
  • Where to place

The adaptor helps to connect the motor running with electric source. Therefore, it should be placed in dry and airy space. If water can intrude into the adaptor, you will fail to have to swing plugged.

  • Suitable source

The electric source of 220 Voltage – AC is suited to the adaptor. When you plug it, you have to keep it tight.

  • Have a check

After plugging, you had better have a check for the light of the adaptor whether it is turned on or not. If it is turned on, there will be light. By contrast, if you do not see the light, it means the connection is not successful.

In addition, there is one knob on the adaptor and you should turn it to the right number as instructed.

Please pay more attention to the connection. If it is not tight, the adaptor may get hotter and break down.

After using the swing, unplug the adaptor in order to keep safety.

  • In operating

Steps to operate the motor and adaptor consist of:

  • Have a complete assemble
  • Check the adaptor and voltage
  • Have a slight push for the swing and press “ON” button to start swinging
  • Adjust the number on the adaptor to be compatible with the weight of babies
  • Note that the swing only works effectively when it bears the weight from 3 kilograms.
  • Warranty and maintenance

Of course, some details will be worn out if you use the swing for a long time. Some common troubles are: weaker swinging force or making noise.

  • Weaker swinging

Swinging ability of a baby swing is affected by a lot of factors such as whether condition, the speed you adjust and swinging frequency.

  • Weather condition

In particular, wet condition will have a negative impact on the material making the swing and the motor. If the motor absorbs much steam, its structured details will not be able to work.

  • Speed of swinging

Secondly, if you often set high speed swinging, its swinging ability will be worsened. To keep it durable, you should only let it swing fast for a while than reduce the speed.

  • Swinging frequency

Thirdly, if the swing has to work all day and night, it will get older and ineffective soon. Therefore, it should have some break so that the motor can be power recharged.

For these troubles, there are many solutions such as replacing the current motor, supplying some lubricant for the motor. In addition, cleaning the space around the swing is also necessary for the purpose of keeping the space dry.

In conclusion, using an electric swing is simple but increasing its durability or longevity is one thing every buyer should know.